August 22nd - 27th 2012 Peja, KosovoAl | En

Award Ceremony in Anibar 2011


Anibar International Animation Festival 2011 is successfully over. For a brief amount of time, Anibar filled all the Peja's cultural gap, with animations, workshops, music, debates, etc.
Despite the diversity of that animated films that were screened this year, the winners in specific categories should be announced.

The Eye for Best International Animation:
'The external world' / David O Rally (Germany)

‘Tussilago’ / Jonas Odell (Sweden)
Honorable mention.


The Eye for Best International Animation:
‘Guernika’ / Shaqir Veseli (Albania)

‘The Silence of the Sea’ / Vjekoslav Zivkovic (Croatia)
Honorable Mention

‘Dove Sei, Amor Mio’ / Veljko Popovic (Croatia)
Special Mention

We hope you enjoyed the animated films and the winners selection.
See you on Anibar 2012.